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Loving Heart


Loving Heart


ANIMA AROMATICS Loving Heart brightens up its wearer with a charming fragrance creation and brings a woman's inner strength to life. The soothing essential oils of orange, mandarin and patchouli reduce not only the feeling of inner restlessness, but also have a regenerating effect on the organism. The concept of Loving Heart is wonderfully underlined by the flacon design. The pink frosted flacon with its fine gold accents has an incredibly feminine and energising look. ANIMA AROMATICS Loving Heart captivates with its interplay of positivity, strength and femininity, making the fragrance a strong companion for everyday life.

ANIMA AROMATICS Loving Heart opens with notes of bergamot, mandarin and pink berries. These fruity-fresh accords embrace the senses and unfold their refreshing and uplifting effect.  In the heart note of the fragrance, a lush bouquet of roses and peonies blossoms, is harmonised with fresh-spicy notes of orange and pepper. This composition not only promises sensual elegance but is also intended to give its wearer strength and make her shine. This strong heart note is deepened by a powerful base of patchouli and musk. They provide the fragrance with warmth and are intended to bring relaxing moments.

Our Loving Heart mood playlist

To bring you in the right mood just click on the Spotify link and come directly to our individually created playlist of ANIMA AROMATICS Loving Heart.

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