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WYLD PINK - #WyldVibes

#UnleashYourWyldSide with Wyld Pink by IVY & LANE - the Bodymist that sets the tone with its unique scent composition. With every spritz, this fragrance creation becomes your ultimate confidence boost. The contrasting color combination of intense pink and passionate red makes you feel wild and alive - so express yourself! With #WyldPinkVibes, every moment becomes a powerful unfolding of style and self-expression. #ExpressionEssentials 


The Queen of Scents!

The incredible enchanting scent of IVY & LANE Wyld Pink captures the edgy vibes of your contrasting personality and expresses the explosive mixture of confidence and individuality. At the top, Orange Blossom dances with an edgy Bergamot, and in the heart, it becomes floral and contrasting with a white bouquet of Jasmine and fresh Neroli. The base consists of a mix of sweet marshmallows, soft cotton candy, and tempting honey, giving you a big personality and incredibly attractive aura. #BoldFragranceExpression #ScentRevolution

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