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LILAC SLAY – #SlayinStyle

With effortless grace, the Bodymist "Lilac Slay" by the brand IVY & LANE celebrates your individuality and bestows you a beautiful feeling with an extra dose of confidence. The irresistible mix of subtle contrasts and sun-kissed vibes accompanies and celebrates your unique beauty, guaranteeing compliments with this fragrance. "Lilac Slay" is more than just a fabulous scent – it's your statement, letting the world know that you're crafting your own story. #LilacEmpowerment #SlayYourDay

Personality in a Bottle!


The facets of your personality are also reflected in the fragrance creation of "Lilac Slay". The scent begins with a blend of rhubarb, narcissus, and passion fruit that immediately captivates your senses. The unique heart underscores your individuality, as creamy almond milk and invigorating orange blossom meet and merge in a harmonious fusion. In the base, soft vibes of cedarwood, white musk, and cashmeran unfold – a perfect symbiosis of floral lightness and calming depth. "Lilac Slay" celebrates your individuality in all its facets, following the motto #SelfAcceptance, because as you are, you are perfect. #PerfectSlay

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