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COCONUT BLUSH - #CoconutPerfection

#FreshupyourLife with BEACH VIBES - Coconut Blush from the Bodymist brand IVY & LANE captures the sun-kissed moments and makes you feel the warm sunshine on your skin with every splash. The fragrance conjures up a radiant glow-up for you with a summer tale of blush and turquoise, promising sun-drenched moments full of good vibes and #Beach-Chic. Get summer in your pocket with IVY & LANE and let the warm days shine with a touch of elegance. #SummerEssentials #SunshineScent #IvyAndLaneVibes

In the top note, Coconut Blush blends creamy coconut milk with green apple to create a unique mix that exudes good vibes and pure summer vibes. The next move is an astonishing bouquet of jasmine and freesia, combined with the Italian Glow of yummy pistachio and salty caramel. In the base, sweet vanilla, warm cedarwood, and seductive tonka bean unfold to create an irresistible finish. This scent lingers even after you've long gone and sticks in memory - an elegant companion that leaves a trail of fascination. #LuxuryScent #EleganceInABottle #IvyAndLaneJourney

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