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Various personalities, preferences, situations in life, circumstances, moods, budgets...– our wide range of different fragrances is just as colourful and diverse as our world is. Lifestyle Perfumes is open-minded, flexible and modern. There's just one thing that we don't compromise about: the fragrance’s quality always comes first.


Meeting a stranger for the first time, it is usually the sense of smell that will give us our first and most important impression. The importance of smells and scents in human communication, and thus also in everyone's lives, has been scientifically proven multiple times, but remains underestimated anyway. We give it the place that it is due. Frangraces are our passion. We consider the production of high-quality perfumes to be our responsibility. This is why Lifestyle Perfumes produces fragrances. And nothing but fragrances!

 Fragrance is a form of poetry. It doesn`t speak –
but it gives so much...“

(Jaques Polge)

What we do

Our core business is development, marketing and distribution of trend-oriented own perfume brands and licensed perfume brands. Excellent perfumes take the highest priority in product development. We cooperate with the best noses in the world and with international trend scouts such as Philippe Bousseton, Karine Dubreuil or Pierre Bourdon.

Our group-independence offers the best prerequisites for flexibility as well as quick and extremely customer-oriented action.

Our target: satisfied customers, enthusiastic consumers.

Our secret of success: Timely delivery of innovative products, exemplary in design and excellent in perfume quality.


Our claim to our products: highest quality in execution. 

We ensure highest quality demands without compromise by continuous control of our products. The strict quality controls and their processes are continually optimised by our quality management. We use elaborate traditional production methods that we comply consistently. You will feel this love for detail when wearing our products: by above-average fragrance effects and long durability.

Our promise of success: trendy and high-quality lifestyle perfumes in the men's and women's range.

How it all began

A small team laid the foundation for the story of success of Lifestyle Perfumes in 2011.

Starting with the introduction of a few brands, the company was able to become a top player in the European lifestyle perfume segment by now with great passion, solid know-how and an outstanding sense for innovations and trends.

The company now has 10 different perfume brands in its range – from licensed brands to its own ladies' brands and men's perfumes.

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