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In May 2021, ANIMA AROMATICS will launch a new concept that not only includes three incredibly well-rounded fragrances, but also promises an evocative experience for the senses with its mystical symbolic worlds. Pure zest for life, energy and balance are the focus here.



As we know from aromatherapy and aromachology, certain fragrances and essential oils have an influence on body and mind, and thus the trend of emotional perfumes is moving more and more into people's consciousness. Emotional perfumes aim to positively influence the mood and well-being and unfold more than just a wonderful fragrance experience. Embedded in mystical symbolic worlds and delicate pastel shades, the three fragrances of ANIMA AROMATICS unfold their comforting effect and impress with their harmonious concept for body and soul. The cognitive function and the olfactory system are closely connected. The immediate proximity between the brain and the olfactory system generates both emotional and physiological reactions almost instantly - or more simply, scent is one of the fastest ways to influence emotions. Whether Bright Soul, Happy Spirit or Loving Heart, each perfume is an interplay of a special fragrance creation and a unique and individual colour world.

The range of Anima Aromatics


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