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The diamond among fragrances

Câline Belle Icône - The Eau de Parfum of luxury wrapped in a noble composition of high-quality fragrances full of warmth. A seductive design of dark red and extravagant gold elements paired with a masterpiece of olfactory poetry celebrates a stunning lifestyle of contrasts and exclusive radiance.  The sensuality of elegance combined with intoxicating woody-floral notes unfolds into an unmistakable compliment magnet for every occasion. A composition as unique as the wearer herself!

Camouflaged in the warm facets of precious spices, Câline Belle Icône creates a unique olfactory contrast. Spicy nuances from coriander and the noble notes from the red gold of saffron take you into an exclusive world of luxurious fragrance compositions. The elegant heart of the radiant blossom jasmine sambac envelops the senses with its unique intensity and fuses with warmly candied fragrance notes. The subtle gourmand notes of softly feminine amber caress the skin and merge with a contrasting character of cedarwood and fine crystal moss. A touch of pure luxury and exclusive nuances united in an unmistakably highly complex fragrance.

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