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essential garden amazing dahlia

Essential Garden – Life in full bloom

amazing dahlia

The gentle introduction to spring – essential garden amazing dahlia

Amazing dahlia gently captures the first rays of sunshine and wraps them in a harmonious fragrance concept. Light pastel shades awake the mind and soul like a dahlia from hibernation and remind us of walks through dewy flower meadows. Powdery wood notes underline the natural feminine elegance and round off the fine-floral composition.

At the beginning the combination of the winter fruit tangerine and peach dominates with a subtle accompaniment of pink pepper. The long-lasting bouquet of flowers from the spring messengers lily of the valley, gentle rose and jasmine, complemented by the Hawaiian summer breeze of sweet tuberose, lend a powdery floral aroma and remind us of sunny spring evenings. Sensual sandalwood, warm cedar wood and radiant velvety musk, refined with the gourmand note of vanilla, provide the necessary warmth and carry the special scent of amazing dahlia.

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