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ANIMA AROMATICS Passion, created in cooperation with Lola Weippert is a powerful Eau de Parfum, pleasing the olfactory sense as well as the mind. „Passion“ is not just a random label, on the contrary: The bottle is filled up to the brim with it.
Lola’s passionate spirit enables her to reach her countless goals and inspires everyone around. In the creation process, she contributed her motivation and drive, adding the extra spice that makes Passion so unique. Following the idea of Aromachology, the effect is further enhanced by the addition of essential oils, affecting the mood positively and giving an extra boost of passionate energy.

ANIMA AROMATICS Passion opens up with a juicy potpourri of Red Berries, Pear and a splash of Bergamot. The heart note consists of Jasmine Sambac, Cedarwood and Peach, shaping a vivacious veil of fragrance. Those who are patient enough will be rewarded by a delicious base of sweet Vanilla and heartwarming Amber.

Essential oils of Tuberose and Ylang-Ylang serve to fuel the passions of the wearer – be it in terms of love, career or any other goal they aspire to.

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