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The ANIMA AROMATICS Power Eau de Parfum truly lives up to its name. The fragrance concept was inspired by Lola Weippert's personality, which, in addition to self-confidence and joy of living, radiates one thing above all: PURE POWER. The fragrance envelops its wearer with powerful and elegant scent chords. With its essential oils, the ANIMA AROMATICS Power Eau de Parfum strengthens the self-confidence of its wearer, brings her into an inner balance and gives her a new zest for life, power and inner strength. The noble flacon in deep black and its accents in gold perfectly reflect the elegance, strength and expressiveness of the fragrance. Just like Lola Weippert, the ANIMA AROMATICS Power Eau de Parfum has a very special appeal that is easy to describe: confident, beautiful, strong.

The powerful fragrance composition of ANIMA AROMATICS Power opens with a fruity top note of blackcurrant and tropical fruits. Cardamom adds a light spiciness and gives the fragrance extra power. The high-quality essential oils of orange, lemon and cedarwood have a positive influence on the wearer's mood, boost her self-confidence and awaken new strength. In the heart note, feminine and elegant accents of rose, tuberose and amber reveal their full splendour. A strong base envelops the fragrance with its composition of sandalwood, caramel, cashmeran and cedarwood. Pure sensuality, elegance and self-confidence are the irresistible result that put every woman in the spotlight.

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