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ANIMA AROMATICS Wonder by Lola Weippert is a radiant perfume with a happiness factor. Inspired by the beauty of the universe, ANIMA AROMATICS and Lola capture the infinite expanses of the celestial heavens in an enchanting olfactory experience.

Lola Weippert understands the importance of mental well-being. With Wonder Eau de Parfum, she aims to support you and your inner health, inviting you to let go, dream, and be happy. Following the principles of aromachology, ANIMA AROMATICS Wonder contains essential lemon and orange oils. These oils have the power to uplift your mood as you immerse yourself in their heavenly scent.


From the first spray, ANIMA AROMATICS Wonder captivates you with fresh foliage and a burst of lemon. This cheerful olfactory impression soon gives way to the radiant heart of the composition: a starlit rose, whose glow intensifies, reinforced by freesia and fruity notes. Like a moonlit stroll, it encourages you to forget the loud hum of the day and to listen to your dreams. A powdery cloud of musk and cedarwood forms the base of Wonder, enveloping you on your journey with warmth and optimism.

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