DominoKati Eau de Parfum

„I took the road less travelled and that made all the difference.”

The homage to DominoKatis unmistakable sense of style, which is especially underlined by the feminine-floral and sensual-warm fragrance nuances, is unmistakable in her #queensunited perfume. The soft colour gradient from pink to berry in combination with the skillfully set golden accents provides an eye-catching presentation in the fragrance shelf and absolutely carries DominoKatis handwriting. The little details that are typical for her like the bow in the logo create a delicate-feminine overall appearance and grant the fragrance with its very special character.

The lively chord of pineapple, tangerine and blackcurrant provides a fruity-fresh start to the scent experience and reminds of DominoKatis cheerful charisma. The light fruity arrangement is perfectly complemented by a beguiling floral bouquet of jasmine and peony in the heart. The sensual finish is provided by warm vanilla and musk notes, which grants the fragrance with an extraordinary feminine elegance.

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