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Ema Louise Eau de Parfum

„Unity in Diversity.”

This fragrance emphasizes the endearing, feminine and above all stylish charisma of Ema Louise with gentle and sensual-feminine notes. Floral-powdery chords accentuate her open-heartedness, honesty and her sympathetic nature. The soft shades of rosé and the noble marble look, which also reflect Ema Louise's clothing and furnishing style, can be found not only in the designs, but also in the unique fragrance creation. The result is a harmonious ensemble that skillfully represents Ema Louise's charisma and sense of style.

Also known as the "queen of flowers", the delicate rose opens up the exquisite scent experience and captivates already in the top note with its breathtaking sensuality. A fruity fresh touch is provided by notes of freesia and raspberry that grant the fragrance with a pleasant liveliness. In the heart note the fragrance composition gets its certain softness from sandalwood chords. A combination of patchouli, vanilla and musk in the base note equips the fragrance with warmth and sensuality which creates the perfect basis for this feminine Eau de Parfum.

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