MICHALSKY BERLIN III Women - a powdery and soft temptation

An exciting fragrance, a sensual colour scheme and precious material optics allow the new creation of MICHALSKY PARFUMS BERLIN to emerge into a wonderfully harmonic overall concept.

With an elaborate leather design MICHALSKY BERLIN III inspires the senses haptically and visually. In a tender and likewise strong nude-tone the woman fragrance shows soft nuances of creamy and powdery silkiness.

Rounded by creamy-powdery notes of sandalwood, vanilla and tonka bean in the base note, this soft arrangement achieves an unqiue and long-lasting fragrance experience. A silky and stunning composition, that softly emerges on the skin and highlights the sensual site of every woman.

The fragrance is available in two different sizes – the 50 ml version presents itself perfectly in the bathroom whereas the 25 ml version ensures a permanent fragrance experience on the way.

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