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MICHALSKY BERLIN III Men - elegant, masculine fragrance notes in fine leather optics

With MICHALSKY BERLIN III the famous Berlin designer Michael Michalsky launches his new fragrance and further extends his successful perfume collection MICHALSKY PARFUMS BERLIN. With an elaborate leather design MICHALSKY BERLIN III inspires the senses haptically and visually. The vibrant leather optics on the male flacon reflects perfectly the leathery-spicy fragrance inside and presents itself proudly with masculine charisma.


The new fragrance creation of the designer-label MICHALSKY BERLIN III embodies complete, elegant masculinity. The charismatic fragrance bewitches the ladies with its spicy, animalic notes and underlines the sovereign appearance of its wearer. The tasteful leather theme is not just shown on the flacon, but can also be found in an olfactory way within the flacon – a wonderfully harmonious composition for strong, self-confident men.

This charismatic eau de toilette awakens new zest for life with its spicy aromatic notes and underlines the sovereign aura of its wearer. The fresh and invigorating headnotes of bergamot, grapefruit and tangerine are completed by spicy heart notes like pepper, nutmeg and olibanum. Vibrant earthy tones of patchouli, cedar wood and leather in the base note grant this eau de toilette its charismatic finish and distinctive depth.

The fragrance is available in two different sizes – the 50 ml version presents itself perfectly in the bathroom whereas the 25 ml version ensures a permanent fragrance experience on the way.

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