Nihan Eau de Parfum

„Happy Girls are the prettiest.”

With a lot of power and femininity, this fragrance creation unfolds its expressive character and guarantees an incomparable fragrance experience with significant scents. Paired with specifically chosen gold accents in the shape of noble oriental patterns, it skillfully emphasizes Nihan's personality. The meaning of Nihan's name - "Sweetheart" - is also the perfect name for this fragrance that you simply want to put in your bathroom.

A fresh and at the same time very soft introduction into this high-quality fragrance arrangement offers a mixture of bergamot and coconut milk. The exquisite floral creation consisting of lilies of the valley, Arabian jasmine, orange blossoms and tuberose ensures a sensual-flowery fragrance experience. The base note combined sandalwood, tonka bean, vanilla and musk to a soft, sweet-powdery composition and grants the fragrance with an infinite versatility and a feminine charisma.

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