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essential garden white flowers

essential garden – Life in full bloom

cherry blossom

A floral bouquet of pure beauty – essential garden white flowers

The elegant Eau de Parfum white flowers from essential garden unfolds its unique richness of facets with all its floriental nuances and lets the lightness of summer moments shine. The composition of delicate, white flowers and warm gourmand notes creates the perfect balance of temptation, purity and warmth in harmony with the creamy-white gradient of the bottle. A fragrance full of beauty, sensuality and spontaneity, which captures the happiness of warm sunrays on the skin.

Light-hearted and with gentle femininity, a bouquet of white flowers of magnolia and neroli blooms, reminiscent of the first rays of the sun of the year. In the heart, creamy coconut and sensual ylang-ylang accentuates the warmth on the skin, while exotic frangipani takes its wearer to tropical countries. Soft gourmand notes of almond milk and precious bourbon vanilla in the base combine the scent accents to an olfactory work of art and invite you to dream. A wonderful ode to the diversity of summer - full of warmth and radiant femininity.

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