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Inspired by nature – Our journey into nature continues!


We are expanding our successful Juniper Lane perfume series with fabulously natural and incredibly fragrant deodorant sprays.



 Reliable active and caring ingredients from nature - 99.9% of natural origin - provide long-lasting 24h protection and care for your underarms at the same time. Best of all - our special formula completely dispenses with harmful aluminum salts and says goodbye to white deodorant stains.


In addition, valuable essences from organic Aloe Vera regenerate the sensitive skin and give you a pleasant skin feeling. Gentle fragrance accents, obtained from natural perfume oils of our Juniper Lane fragrance series, refresh you and revive your senses throughout the day!


In addition, our deodorants are real eye-catchers: Lovingly packaged in a discreet pastel design and filled in a handy glass bottle, they accompany you dry and stylish through every day!


Aluminum salts, parabens & Silicones, kerosenes & mineral oils, artificial preservatives, artificial fragrances & dyes, sulfates & phthalates, nano-materials, microplastics, PEGs and animal testing.



NATURAL AND EFFECTIVE - completely without aluminium salts

TRIETHYL CITRATE & DEOPLEX: With these two natural, yet antibacterial active ingredients in our new Juniper Lane deodorants, we have managed to avoid harmful aluminium salts in a natural way. These valuable ingredients reduce perspiration and support safe and effective odour neutralisation, which is based on natural processes.


In this way, and without inhibiting the normal function of the sweat glands and pores, our valuable ingredients provide reliable long-lasting protection - completely without conventional aluminium salts!




Aloe Vera, often described as a miracle plant, remedy or rejuvenating elixir, enjoys great popularity in cosmetics. The special formula of our Juniper Lane deodorants with organic Aloe Vera extract provides your skin with moisture. In addition, the active ingredient polysaccheride from the Aloe Vera plant ensures optimal regeneration and repair of your skin.




Our perfumes and also our new range of deodorants are not tested on animals*. In addition, the ingredients are free from animal products and therefore 100% vegan.




1.Before using one of our Juniper Lane deodorants, make sure your skin is as dry as possible! Dry skin improves the effectiveness of the deodorant spray. By the way, it is not recommended to apply the deodorant onto freshly shaved skin, as the skin is already stressed.

2.Position the Juniper Lane deodorant spray upright and about 15 cm from your armpit. Then, depending on your needs, spray 1-3 pumps onto your armpit and let yourself be refreshed by a gently scented mist. Feel good - all day long!




* Juniper Lane Perfumes are not tested on animals. According to EU cosmetic regulation 1223/2009 animal testing is prohibited for cosmetic producuts in the EU.


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