Sonny Loops Eau de Parfum

„They told me I couldn’t. That’s why I did.”

Based on Sonny's motto, her perfume presents itself unique and confident. Her bold, cool but also very feminine charisma is excellently captured in her fragrance. The metallic-pink accents are the perfect counterpart to the refreshing, turquoise nuances and modern leaf patterns that give the fragrance a very special touch.

The perfect start to this versatile fragrance is provided by the fruity notes of bergamot, which introduce freshly and cheerfully into the fragrance ensemble. A high-quality fragrance bouquet of ylang-ylang, lily and orange blossom gives the fragrance its sensual femininity and lets its wearer glow. Fine-woody, sweet and soft notes of vanilla and sandalwood grant the Eau de Parfum with a full body and depth and masterly round off the fragrance experience.    

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