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Provocative, loud, iconic - the new fragrance from


The new, fragrant twin concept MICHALSKY BERLIN Iconic is finding its way onto the perfume shelves. Including a noble women's fragrance in an exciting glitter look and a refined, masculine male fragrance for men of strong character with rough edges.


Between seriousness and rebellion, tradition and modernity, strength and sensitivity - life, like each of us, has many sides that make us the special people we are. According to this credo, designer Michael Michalsky created two intoxicating, new fragrance compositions for him and her, Iconic by MICHALSKY BERLIN.


"Our rough edges make us special and what we are - rough diamonds with a potential that is almost infinite", Michael Michalsky.


Inspired by this, an angular diamond bottle was created with a striking, diamond-shaped metal plaque, which perfectly reflects the interplay of our diverse character worlds. The women's fragrance in particular impresses with its unique glitter look in seductive black and rosé. Above all, the design impresses with the special play of light created by a gentle glow on the dark flacon that makes the mysterious, shimmering particles glow. An iconic concept perfectly completed by a sensual, floriental fragrance composition.


The men, on the other hand, inspire in masculine brown and copper tones with a woody-oriental fragrance experience that promises pure power and masculinity in line with the exciting lifestyle and expression of cosmopolitan men.


Glittering, beguiling and unique - this combination promises a fragrance concept that couldn't be more exciting, thus ICONIC. The latest fragrance from MICHALSKY Parfums BERLIN is presented in a sparkling new look. The modern and extravagant flacon design convinces not only with the high-quality, diamond-shaped metal badge, but above all with noble glitter particles in black and rosé. The exciting, new eau de parfum is completed with a sensual fragrance promise that seduces with a bouquet of floriental fragrance notes.


Stylish and masculine are the keywords that describe MICHALSKY BERLIN Iconic Men. The new, more angular flacon with the diamond-shaped metal badge manages to convince once again with its unique look. In addition, the dark brown colour tone with the luxurious copper accents promises an incomparably strong fragrance experience and the perfect symbiosis of sophisticated elegance and raw masculinity.

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