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An excitingly fragrant autumn with


Designer Michael Michalsky presents his new fragrance concept
MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative for him and her in an animalistic look


We are starting autumn with the new MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative duo fragrance concept, which is unique and particularly exciting. The two eye-catching fragrance compositions convince with characteristic fragrances in a stylish animal print and will be available in stores from October.


Expressing one's unconventionality and surpassing oneself: With his new twin concept MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative, designer Michael Michalsky encourages the discovery of one's own wild side.


"Each of us has a reserved and calm side, but sometimes we have to come out of ourselves to be provocative and loud, and these fragrances should give that extra portion of power," says Michael Michalsky about his new fragrances.


The fragrances are aimed at people who want to live out their character unconditionally and who want to feel strong and self-assured, who do not compromise and who are refreshingly different. Inspired by this, a very special fragrance concept was created. Two designs in a striking animal print that reflect the rough and uninhibited side of our personality and, in combination with the powerful fragrances, exude pure strength and self-confidence.

The ladies convince with a beguiling fragrance composition with noble vanilla and powerful floral notes in a seductive black and rose gold combination and a striking leopard print. The counterpart to this is a woody, aromatic men's fragrance with rough, spicy fragrance accords, matching the minimalist tiger print in deep black. An explosively lively fragrance concept that provokes and attracts and thus takes us on a journey to our animalistic selves.

MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative Women

Feminine, seductive, mysterious and sensual - MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative Women, a fragrance for strong and successful women who want to be attractive, elegant and self-confident. The top note starts with an intensely spicy and sensual ambrette combined with a gentle powder note. At the heart of the fragrance composition is the high-quality floral note of the iris, finely combined with the stunning sweetness of tuberose. Beguiling sensuality unfolds in the base note with strong and persistent chords of rich tonka bean and sandalwood as well as seductive vanilla.


MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative Men, a fragrance not for everyone, but for unique men with character. In this special fragrance composition, unique chords of gin and elegant, fruity notes of Italian lemon and blood orange can be found in the top note. An exciting combination of laurel, clary sage and noble magnolia unfolds in the heart, which harmoniously balances out the strong spiciness. The base note is made up of high-quality wooden accords of cedar and amber, combined with spicy patchouli.

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