A stylish fragrance revolution

Designer Michael Michalsky presents his recent

fragrances MICHALSKY BERLIN Style in a new and modern look

Wearing your own character confidently on your skin: With his new perfume MICHALSKY BERLIN Style, designer Michael Michalsky leads you onto a scented expedition of your own style.  The new fragrance compositions for women and men appear in an elegant flacon that reflect the individual lifestyle of the wearer and thereby express the own perception of style. Michalsky found inspiration for the new fragrances through the various different characters of the capital Berlin. “Good style is a mind-set, an attitude that affects all areas of life. Manners, tolerance and even a perfume show whether someone has style or not. Berlin dazzles with personalities, that uncompromising live out their characters”, so the designer. “MICHALSKY BERLIN Style is the scented embodiment of the personal style. It addresses all strong women and characterful men, who are courageously on their way to find themselves.”  Well-known for his distinctive design language Michalsky presents his perfume in a new flacon, reflecting the MICHALSKY design elements in a fresh and elaborate way.



Style-conscious, modern and extravagant – these attributes represent MICHALSKY BERLIN Style for Women. A fragrance that is able to combine soft fragrance notes in the feminine colour world of rosé and the stylish cushion-optics of the designer’s fashion- and sneaker collections, leading to a remarkable overall concept. Over sparkling fruits of plum or blood orange in the head to flowery soft notes of peony in the heart bridging to intensive creamy tones of vanilla and white musk in the base note. A wonderfully charming and complex fragrance composition, that convinces through an incredibly feminine and inventive look.


An exciting fragrance in an exceptional flacon – once more the fashion designer convinces with his incomparable sense for trends and styles. The distinctive cushion-optics of the Michalsky sneaker- and design collections is now reinterpreted into elaborate high-quality glass design. Besides the exciting look in a rough and strong blue, MICHALSKY BERLIN Style for Men impresses with its subtle aromatic fragrance composition. Citric notes in the head, spicy-green notes in the heart and earthy woodnotes in the base create a remarkably manly fragrance experience for desirable men.

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