The feeling of summer on your skin-

Fashion and lifestyle designer Michael Michalsky

presents his new perfume line MICHALSKY Berlin Summer 18

With his new limited edition, MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 18, designer Michael Michalsky celebrates the arrival of the hot season. Summery freshness paired with a thrilling flacon design characterizes the new fragrance composition. Beginning of May, the limited edition for women and men is available in stores.

“Summer is a time of inspiration and alteration for me. I find it fascinating how the environment changes during the hot season. I wanted to unite this feeling of ease, freedom and renewal in my fragrances”, says the designer, talking about his newest perfume creations. “MICHALSKY Berlin Summer 18 addresses characterful people that are curiously on a search for freedom.”

A summery feeling of freedom interpreted in a fragrance: MICHALSKY Berlin Summer 18. Michael Michalsky transforms our summer feelings into a fresh, sensual fragrance composition. Inspired by long days, balmy nights and the lightness of being the designer conjures with his limited edition the feeling of summer onto the skin and creates a demand of unclouded joy for life. Well-known for his stylish design language, Michalsky presents its remarkable flacon design in the trend colours „electric blue“ and „shocking pink“. A special element is the gradient from cool silver into powerful blue and radiant pink. The condensed drop-haptics reminds of light and refreshing summer rain and gives the flacon its unique elegance.

MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 18 Women –

fresh and happy into summer

Summer presents itself fresh and sparkling this year! Especially the refreshing accords of bergamot, tangerine and orange in the head note take care of the needed “spritz”. At heart this exciting ensemble is softly complemented by the gentle scent of jasmine. Tender nuances of cedar and sandalwood as well as musk complete the crisp and flowery notes in the head and heart notes. A fresh and happy start into summer!


aromatic & woody freshness for the summer

This fragrance combines the fizzy and citiric bergamot with the aromatic accord of artemisia to a perfect ensemble in the head notes. At heart, fine accents of sage and soft lavender take care of the needed variety and balance the fresh top. This cool summer breeze is rounded by pleasant notes of cedar wood and vetiver. A fresh companion for a hot summer.

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