MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 19 - A fragrant interpretation of the summer

Designer Michael Michalsky starts the summer season with his new perfume

MICHALSKY Berlin Summer 19

Summer means balmy evenings, sun on the skin and fruity cocktails at the beach bar. The warm season delights and seduces with great experiences. To keep them in mind, MICHALSKY Parfums BERLIN has again developed two unique limited fragrance compositions for this special season. For the ladies this year’s limited edition will be a summery arrangement of a fruity and sparkling scented cocktail with paradisiac scent notes. This vivacious fragrance experience is reflected in a vigorous coloured bottle with a bright pink to a soft peach gradient in combination with graceful, typographic elements in warm golden tones. For men, a woody-aquatic fragrance composition with a fresh blue gradient and stylish silver typo creates the perfect cooling for hot summer days.

Invigorating freshness meets happy fruit cocktail - summer may come!


a summery fruit cocktail

MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 19 introduces summer with a fruit explosion! The happy and fruity limited edition with the wonderfully bright pink to peach gradient and the filigree gold script awakens anticipation of balmy summer days. The sparkling fragrance cocktail with heavenly scents of coconut milk, pineapple and papaya as well as soft floral accords of peony or white jasmine is the perfect scent arrangement for the summer. MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 19 for women is a soft and creamy scent cocktail that invigorates your senses and carries you into the warm season with summery lightness.


a fresh summer breeze on the go

MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 19 Men is an absolute summer scent - a cool and fresh breeze on the go.The intensive blue colour on the bottle with metallic silver typo and the woody aquatic scent inside offers the perfect cooling off for hot summer days! The fragrance captivates with its invigorating top notes of bergamot and green apple over the fresh fruity chords of sage and watermelon in the heart to strong base notes of patchouli and suede. It reminds of the last beach holiday by the sea and starts your excitement about the next by promising cool refreshment and cloudless skies. All this is making it the absolute must-have for an unforgettable summer.

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