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This is how summer 2022 smells

The new summer fragrances from MICHALSKY Parfums BERLIN reveal pure anticipation for the warm season.


The limited summer edition of MICHALSKY Parfums BERLIN awakens the unbridled anticipation for the summer in us. The two lively summer fragrances for him and her by fashion and lifestyle designer Michael Michalsky arouse our first summer feelings and take us on a journey to our most beautiful places of longing.


Designer Michael Michalsky opens the summer with two fragrant declarations of love for the warm season


With the new limited summer editions, designer Michael Michalsky is celebrating the intoxicating freshness as well as the warming wellbeing of summer. Two scents awakening summer feelings and whisking you away into the warm season.


The two stimulating and exhilarating limited editions MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 22 for women and men unmistakably represent the sunny season. On the one hand, interpreted warm and floral-fresh in a summery women's version and, on the other hand, implemented in a cool and invigorating manner in the men's version.


MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 22 Women convinces with its flowery-fresh fragrance experience and the delicate colour gradient, which is reminiscent of the reflection of the sky over the water at dusk. Cool and invigorating, however, MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 22 Men embodies the vibrant energy and clarity of the sea with its aromatic, woody fragrance character in the classic flacon, framed in powerful petrol tones.


Two combinations that capture summer in different ways and thus turn the fragrances into symbolic mementos of endless summer days.


"I love summer, sun, sea, warm wind and mild nights. Perfect for celebrating or cuddling outdoors. That's what I developed the new fragrances for," says Michael Michalsky about his new summer fragrances.


The soft, flowery-fresh MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 22 limited edition, with its soft colour gradient, captures the moment when the sun kisses the horizon for the last time - the perfect summer moment. The top note of the fragrance starts with tangy mandarin, which mixes with the aromas of lavender and black currants to create a fresh, fruity symbiosis. In the heart, elegant jasmine is wrapped in a bouquet of orange blossom. The delicate, creamy nuances of cedar wood, vanilla and musk provide a warm echo and pleasant lightness.


The limited summer edition MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 22 Men exudes the sparkling joie de vivre of summer. With its finely graduated petrol tones and the aromatic-woody composition, the fragrance is reminiscent of the radiant blue-green sea under the summer sky. The head starts with tropical-spicy cardamom, which is rounded off in the heart with invigorating lavender. In the base note, the fragrance is warm and woody and ends with the freshness of vetiver and the warmth of patchouli.


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