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Longing for summer?

Balmy summer evenings, beautiful evening light, dancing outside.

The new summer fragrances by designer Michael Michalsky make us dream.

Berlin, May 2023 - summer is just around the corner and Michael Michalsky seduces our noses again with a new fragrance creation. We love these annual fresh summer scents from Michalsky.


Classic summery scents of coconut, grapefruit or bergamot form the core accords of both fragrance compositions and in combination with warm, summery aromas provide an unmistakable touch - the wonderful opportunity to dive into summer at any time!

This year's women's fragrance MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 23 Women convinces with floral, powdery notes in combination with a pleasant salty breeze and the scent of white rose.

In contrast, MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 23 Men features a composition of aromatic and invigorating fruit accents, packaged in bold blue tones.

"Summer always reminds me to give myself a little time out every now and then. My new fragrance is meant to do just that - to spray on a little bit of summer at any time and dwell in beautiful summer feelings," says designer Michael Michalsky about his new summery fragrance creations.


The sensual, floral-fresh MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 23 Women Limited Edition brings summer to our homes with its soft, cool rosy color gradient. The fragrance starts in the top note with a salty breeze in combination with tropical coconut, which creates a distinctive summer scent. The pleasant note of white rose and noble jasmine form the heart of this summer liaison. Finally, warm cedar and cashmere remain on the skin and let us linger in warm summer days.


A visual refreshment of powerful blue tones and a fragrance composition of not only aromatic woody but also invigorating fruit aromas - that describes this year's Limited Edition MICHALSKY BERLIN Summer 23 Men. A nuance of fiery pink pepper, which is countered by fruity notes of apple and grapefruit, form the head of the fragrance. Woody notes, delicate nutmeg and a touch of cinnamon are reflected in the heart. The conclusion is made by warming notes of vanilla in symbiosis with spicy tonka bean and sandalwood.

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