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MICHALSKY BERLIN Sunshine & Azure Sky

MICHALSKY BERLIN Sunshine & Azure Sky

Fragrances full of warmth and lightness

The new fragrance creations MICHALSKY BERLIN Sunshine and Azure Sky by Michael Michalsky express the diverse beauty of life.


With his new fragrances MICHALSKY BERLIN Sunshine and Azure Sky, designer Michael Michalsky manages to exude pure joie de vivre. Whether on a warm summer day or on a cold, clear winter day, the fragrances remind us of the beauty of life and envelop us in a relaxed sense of wellbeing.


The irrepressible zest for life and the feeling of lightness are what fashion and lifestyle designer Michael Michalsky calls into our consciousness with his two new fragrance creations. With its frosted bottle in light cream tones and the seductive, flowery-soft scent, Sunshine is reminiscent of the warmth of the sun and gives its wearer a feeling of ease and harmony. The charismatic counterpart to this is Azure Sky, which radiates an irresistible masculine elegance with its fresh, steel-blue design. The peppery notes, in line with soothing lavender, result in a beguiling aromatic fragrance experience.


“We tend to forget how good life is sometimes My two new fragrances are meant to remind you of that and exude a feeling of warmth, relaxation and lightness,” says Michael Michalsky about his new fragrance creations.



Elegant and full of lightness

The new MICHALSKY BERLIN Sunshine is a gently flowery fragrance creation which, in addition to its lightness, manages to bring its creamy and elegant fragrance notes to the fore. The fragrance is opened by spicy pink pepper, juicy black currant and fruity pear, which spray the attraction of warm sun rays. A beguiling bouquet of roses and orange blossoms then gently embraces its wearer and envelops her in a cloud of sensual elegance. The scent ends with a base of musk, vanilla and patchouli, which not only give the scent special depth, but also soothing, warm accents. This exciting and multi-faceted Eau de Parfum is rounded off by the bottle design in warm tones and exudes an aura of well-being and relaxation.


Aromatic, masculine, invigorating

With its aromatic scent, MICHALSKY BERLIN Azure Sky not only exudes pure masculinity, but also stands for the invigorating freshness of the sea and the clarity of a cold winter's day with its blue-silver design. The prelude of melon, pepper and bergamot promises an incredibly exciting fragrance experience after the first splash of scent. In the heart note, relaxing lavender and spicy pepper come into play. These expand the fragrance with an invigorating but at the same time very aromatic note, which is underlined above all by slightly leathery aromas. The patchouli base brings final, harmonious nuances perfectly rounding off the scent.

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