"There's a Queen in Every Girl" – this is the motto for the new brand #queensunited which will be available in shops in October 2018. The three individual perfumes created by Sonny Loops, Ema Louise and Nihan capture the lifestyle of a women’s generation that is proud of who they are and can be anything they want.


From October 2018 onwards, the three perfumes individually and exclusively designed by the influencers Sonny Loops, Ema Louise and Nihan will be available on the market under the brand #queensunited. With a completely new concept, the selfhood of the individual is placed under a large ensemble, because together they are strong. #queensunited stands for strong, female personalities with different styles and hobbies - each one is a queen in her own way. Terms such as authenticity, individuality but also sense of community are the leading features of this line. Despite their uniqueness in design and fragrance, the sorts are combined in the packaging by the clear design lines of the brand, which also reflects the feeling of #queensunited in the products.

THE RANGE OF #queensunited


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