A galactic perfume line inspired by Captain Kirk, Lieutenant Uhura and Commander Spock is available since 2017 for the European market, which is not only about high-quality perfume-concepts but also focusing on a design that will make every fan-heart beat faster. Inspired by the world famous intro of Star Trek the unique product range was complemented by one new male-sort “Space” in 2018.

The bottles are based on the unique look of the world famous Star Trek communicator. Under the licence of CBS Consumer Products three flacons appeared in the colour representing the particular uniform of the character. The flacon of the new men’s fragrance „Space” appears with a golden blueprint of the original U.S.S. Enterprise and is the perfect complement to the existing range.

The James T. Kirk eau de toilette is a tribute to the temerarious captain of the U.S.S. Enterprise. Always keen on leading his crew safely through missions he embodies true masculinity, which is emphasised through the aromatic, woody-oriental fragrance.

The Spock eau de toilette implements skilfully the chilly, level-headed nature and logical way of thinking of the scientific officer of the U.S.S. Enterprise. The charismatic appearance of the probably most famous Vulcan is underlined by this outstanding aromatic fragrance-composition.

Inspired by Uhura’s sensual femininity combined with her incomparable intelligence, the Uhura eau de parfum not only stands out from the fragrance shelves but also grants its wearer with an additional passionate, self-assured charisma.

Space – the crew of Star Trek are constantly on the lookout for the secrets of the endless unknown space. A space full of adventures, dangers, discoveries and insights. This lifestyle is dedicated to the spirited Space Eau de Toilette.

All perfumes are available as individual 50 ml fragrances, as an eau de toilette version for men and an eau de parfum for women.

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