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Fine Fragrance Trends 2021

A fragrance is intangible and yet it plays an important role, awakening emotions and memories that unconsciously evoke moods, associations and images. Fragrance Trends 2021 enchants us with compositions of multifaceted perfume raw materials that enliven our senses and give expression to our individual character.


Natural and sustainable perfume creations

A new sustainable approach

Sustainability and naturality are very important in the fragrance segment this year. With the latest, gentle extraction processes, high-quality fragrance creations are created from nature - completely without synthetic ingredients, 100% vegan and of natural origin.


Sample fragrances:

Juniper Lane Forever Rose

Juniper Lane Moonflower


Fragrance family: floral, fruity

Romantic and delightful compositions

Fragrance compositions consisting of a floral bouquet paired with fruity and gourmand notes are once again among the top trends in the women's perfume segment this year.


Main components are:

Fruity delight: Apple, black currant, pear and plum.

Romantic bouquet: Rose, violet and white flowers

Gourmand notes: Musk and caramel


Sample fragrances:

CÂLINE jour en rose

SPIRIT of cherry blossom

Essential garden amazing dahlia

Kappa Women Pink

Fragrance family: oriental-floral, chypre

Feminine and elegant fragrance compositions

The 2021 fragrance trend for inspiring women full of joie de vivre: Florientale fragrance compositions with feminine elegance


Main components are:

Fruity notes: Peach, pear, black currant and plum.

Floral accords: Orange blossom, jasmine, magnolia and rose

Woody warm touches: Sandalwood, vanilla, amber, moss and cedarwood


Sample fragrances:

CÂLINE à la vie

Kappa Women White

Fragrance family: oriental, gourmand

Extravagant fragrances

Intense and hypnotic bouquets with a sweet touch ensure a special and extravagant fragrance composition in 2021.


Main components are:

Fruity accords: Pear, raspberry, strawberry and peach.

Floral accents: Jasmine and orange blossom

Gourmand notes: Vanilla, patchouli, caramel and tonka bean


Sample fragrances:


#queensunited Nihan Black

SPIRIT of delicate blush


Fragrance family: aromatic, fresh

Refreshing compositions

Sparkling aromatic fragrances with a touch of spice impress with a fresh kick also this year in the men's segment.


Main components are:

Fresh accords: Lemon, bergamot, pink pepper and juniper berries.

Sensual accents: Iris and rosemary

Warm woody notes: Patchouli, woody amber and moss.


Sample fragrances:

Kappa Men Blue

Maddox and Mills Cool Craft

Fragrance family: woody-oriental

Aromatic powerful fragrances

The fragrance trend of pure masculinity 2021 : Oriental and aromatic fragrance compositions.


Main components are:

Fresh accents: Lemon, mandarin and bergamot.

Energetic accords: Aquatic notes, mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon and cardamom

Woody notes: Patchouli and woody amber


Sample fragrances:

Kappa Men Black


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