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Pure naturalness

Naturalness lasts the longest. Natural and vegan fragrances are more in demand and trendy than ever this year.

Using the latest and gentlest extraction processes, we are already creating high-quality fragrance creations from nature - completely without synthetic ingredients, 100% vegan and of natural origin. We also do our best to make our products and processes as sustainable as possible.


Sample fragrances:

Juniper Lane Wild Viola

Juniper Lane Moonflower

Juniper Lane Forever Rose

Mood booster

This year, the desire for happiness, health and well-being is at the top. Fragrances shall therefore take on a function of mood boosters and pursue the aspiration of self-care and well-being. Aromatherapy and the aroma fragrances are moving more and more into focus in 2022 and shall serve the purpose of influencing the senses.


Sample fragrances:

Anima Aromatics Loving Heart

Anima Aromatics Happy Spirit

Anima Aromatics Bright Soul

Fragrance directions

Fragrance family: floriental, gourmand

Glamorous appearance

Sensual-oriental fragrances are trending in 2022! With a glamorous composition of floral accents and gourmand notes, all eyes can be attracted.


Main components are:

Fruity accords: Black currant, apple and pomegranate

Floral accents: Jasmine and orange blossom

Gourmand notes: Vanilla, patchouli, caramel and tonka bean


Fragrance samples:

MICHALSKY BERLIN Provocative Women

Nihan Elixir Absolu

CÂLINE Mon Amour

Fragrance family: floral, fruity

Freshly picked bouquet of flowers

Sweet fragrance compositions consisting of a floral bouquet paired with fruity and gourmand notes are enchanting us again this year.

Main components are:

Romantic bouquet: Rose, violet and white flowers

Fruity accents: Orange blossom, currant and grapefruit

Gourmand notes: Tonka bean, vanilla, musk and caramel


Fragrance samples:

Spirit of lovely peony

CÂLINE femme florale

Kappa Women Blush

Fragrance family: floral-fresh, aquatic

A mild sea breeze

Refreshingly light: This year, floral-fresh and aquatic fragrances wrap around its wearer like a soft sea breeze.


Main components are:

Fresh accords: Lemon, bergamot and mint

Sweet notes: Neroli, jasmine, mandarin and currant

Spicy-woody accents: Ginger, musk and cedar wood


Fragrance samples:

SPIRIT of fizzy tangerine

CÂLINE Homme Absolute Blue

Anima Aromatics Happy Spirit

Fragrance family: oriental-aromatic

Woody-aromatic for real men

In the men's segment, oriental, aromatic-strong fragrance compositions, which stand for pure masculinity and self-confidence, are still appealing in the year 2022.

Main components are:

Fresh accents: Lemon, mandarin and bergamot

Energetic accords: Mint, eucalyptus, cinnamon and cardamom

Woody notes: Patchouli, cedar, leather and woody amber


Sample Fragrances:

CÂLINE Homme Intense Gold

CÂLINE Homme Classic Silver


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